If you need a domain, a web site or just some guidance on making a move to the internet - we can help you. Owning your own domain name is critical in order to have a successful internet presence. Domain names can be used to promote your company and its services or just to protect your company name. Once you have registered a domain name it remains your 'property' until such time you choose to stop using it, much like a personalised licence plate. We have an article How to select a good domain name available in our resources section.

Owning a domain name has some costs, these are for the initial registration and an ongoing annual fee in subsequent years. These costs are standard prices that are charged by the internet registry.

Domain name services


Annual Registration Fees

  • New Zealand (.nz) - $38.00 + GST
  • US TLDs (.com) - $35.00 + GST
  • Other monthly costs are charged depending what the domain is used for, these costs are outlined in our hosting costs. When using Technology Solutions for hosting and registering domains you only need to deal with us: we can take care of everything, and you can pick up the phone and talk to us. No confusing call centres, no automated phone systems: just real people.

    To check if a domain name is available just give us a call and we check while on the phone, it's that easy - phone 0800 878 878