Zac at work in our workshop

We repair computers!

If you have your PC doing something it shouldn't then it might be time to bring your computer into our workshop. We can deal with all manner of issues, such as computer upgrades, viruses, software upgrades or complete system recovery. If you need to a windows upgrade then we can sort that as well.

Most of the time your equipment is repaired and ready to go within 1-2 business days. Of course if your job is urgent then if you let us know in advance we can often attend to the problem immediately with our priority servicing option, and in some cases, while you wait.

All service work performed on a clients computer covers our standard set of best practices, which involves the following:

  • All data is backed up prior to service to ensure no loss
  • All hard disks are checked for viruses and spyware
  • All hard disks are checked for any errors and defragmented
  • Dust is removed from inside of PCs

To schedule a job contact us or call Paul on 0800 878 878.